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As Ukrainian descendent living in UK I have been very much involved in Ukrainian community life here.  I also am the secretary of the Ukrainian Medical Association in the UK (UMAUK) for the last 4 years.  What made me even more involved in Ukrainian activities are the recent events in Ukraine, this terrible war with Russia and as a result more than 1500 people are killed, more than 6000 are wounded and many thousands of refugees.  UMAUK are constantly sending some medical equipment to the military hospitals and to the front line, our members are also involved in projects on physical and psychological rehabilitations. Another UK charity I involved with is Global Friends of Ukraine. We connect British charities that work with veterans with similar organisations in Ukraine and as a result Combat Stress charity will do some training on Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in Ukraine in May.

However as a homeopath I always wanted to help Ukraine with my knowledge and expertise. Few months ago I went to Ukraine in an attempt to find out how Ukrainian homeopaths contribute to help those people who involved in this war. To my delight I found some homeopaths who were working with militaries supplying homeopathic first aid kits to be use on the front line. To help them I brought many remedies from UK including some combinations that are very useful in kits and also some new meditative remedies that are fantastic for the emotional traumas. There are also some homeopaths who are working on one-to-one bases using constitutional treatment to address posttraumatic symptoms.  At the moment there are not enough people and experience to do this work. Some homeopaths are not feeling confident enough to deal with such deep emotional issues. Another problem is the absence of financial support for homeopaths and homeopathic pharmacies.

Trying to help in this catastrophic situation I decided to start my new homeopathic charity project Arnica4Ukraine.

The money will go to pay for the remedies and homeopathic services; and to provide homeopathic help for Post-traumatic stress disorder programs throughout Ukraine. I was invited to take part in the PTSD rehabilitation programs as a homeopath because I speak Ukrainian. I really would like to do that to get some experience and to understand their needs. Interestingly for last few years I had many cases with deep emotional issues. Now I understand that it was a good preparation for my new Ukrainian adventure. Recently I have been learning how homeopathy can help PTSD from the experience of Israeli and Russian homeopaths. 

If I will be able to prove to the medical authorities in Ukraine that homeopathy is fantastic in helping veterans, their families and refugees then there is a chance that it homeopathy can be a valuable part of national PTSD programs as all the homeopaths in Ukraine are medically qualified. At the moment I have contacts with three different rehabilitation projects based in Kiev, Lviv and Kovel. 

Recently we all have been helping to develop homeopathy in Africa. I myself organised a seminar with Colin Griffith and the money went to homeopathic education in Mozambique. Now I am appealing to my fellow homeopaths to help me to raise money for my Arnica4Ukraine project. With local currency rapidly going down even for £5 local homeopaths can get ten 20g bottles of remedies.  I also very open to any knowledge about using homeopathy in war zone and for PTSD. 

Galina Boggis-Rolfe

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