Bio resonance

In the literal sense Bio resonance means, sourcing and then introducing all the frequencies necessary for stimulation and regulation of the body.It is fascinating to learn how our bodies’ function in harmony with many natural energies such as Schumann waves which occur between the lower part of the Ionosphere (upper atmosphere) and the surface of the Earth, a distance of about 55 kilometres. This space in essence acts as a resonator cavity for energetic waves (Lasers make use of the resonant cavity principle) coming from solar frequencies, geomagnetic frequencies, those caused by lightning and others. Physicists refer to these as transverse magnetic waves. It was in the 1950’s that Professor Dr. W. O. Schumann of Munich University observed this phenomenon but it was not until 1975 that an Australian Lewis B. Hainsworth noted the correlation between these waves and brain waves. (1) Schumann waves are made up of many differing frequencies but the highest intensity occurs at 7.83Hz, 10Hz is another major Schumann frequency; interestingly these are both important brain frequencies occurring as Alpha waves. Alpha waves are those between 7.5 and 13(Hz) and peak around 10Hz. (2) What an amazing thought that our brains are synchronised with these natural energies!

Dr. Wolfgang Ludwig talks of experiments carried out by Professor Waver but never published. (3) He used underground bunkers that were shielded from all external energies and put his test subjects inside for several weeks at a time. He observed that among other symptoms, they experienced emotional distress, migraine and headaches. After exposure to 7.8Hz, which was previously screened out, the symptoms receded. This information has still not filtered through to most Universities with many academics still in ignorance of the existence of Schumann waves. However The Seismic Laboratory at Berkeley University in California are monitoring the daily level of Schumann waves and it is possible to download this information. The website address is huge, just go to and search for Schumann resonance.

The principle of resonance can be illustrated by the example of two tuning forks swinging on the same frequency. Imagine you have set up two identical tuning forks, about 10 cm apart. After just a tiny impulse sets the first fork swinging you can hear the sound it produces. The first tuning fork is now able to stimulate the second stationary fork to also swing in the same frequency. Resonance can only occur between a source and a suitable receptor, in this case the first and second tuning forks. The engineer Paul Schmidt found in the early 1970’s, that he could cause a regulation of the human organism by administering either an acoustic or an electro-magnetic frequency. Accordingly, every organ has its specific frequency spectra with which it can be stimulated or harmonised (4) Dr. Wolfgang Ludwig confirmed this view in a lecture at the Brugemann Institute, Gauting, in 1988, when he said:The key to understanding Bio resonance therapy lies in knowing and understanding the fact that all vital processes in the organism are influenced and controlled by electromagnetic oscillations. The electromagnetic processes according to the latest scientific findings are functionally superordinate to the biochemical processes". (5)

Unlike orthodox medicine, energetic medicine has no adverse side effects. This is often a new concept to those with a conventional background, the usual paradigm is ‘if there are no adverse side effects it can’t be effective.’ This thinking comes from chemistry and is something that doctors and patients accept. In Bio resonance the aim is to interact with the body’s own regulatory mechanism and bring it into harmony. If a frequency that applies to the prostate is applied to a woman for example, no regulation or effect of any kind is possible, as the signal will not be recognised by the body. The aim is to holistically help the body, gently, without side effects.

This brings us to what the Germans call the ‘biological window’, although not a ‘window’ in the English sense limited by time constraints. To make use of the ‘biological window’ and bring a successful energetic regulation to the body four factors have to be present; the right frequency, the right intensity, the right polarity and sufficient duration. This can be best illustrated by sunlight. As it touches our skin, it triggers off reactions, e.g. pigmentation or the formation of vitamin D by means of ultra violet light in the frequency range of 10 to 400 nanometres or 750 to 1500 terahertz. Integrated in the skin is a regulatory system that reacts precisely to these frequencies. However, for these effects to be triggered the four factors mentioned above have to be present. For example if the intensity is not sufficient or the duration is too short no tanning will occur. If our skin is covered, only heat will get through and the frequencies of ultra violet light essential for triggering these mechanisms will be blocked.

These principles can be used to assist the body to a harmonious state and also to protect against harmful influences such as Electro smog (E-Smog) and Geopathic stress. The Rayonex Company states that fully 80% of all health problems can be linked to three areas of concern, these are E-Smog, Geopathic stress and pH balance. Many health practitioners are having great success in following this advice. Let’s look first at E-Smog.


Electro Smog or Electrical Pollution

 Can E-Smog cause serious health problems?

Some scientists believe that if a person's naturally occurring electric and magnetic fields are disturbed, serious health problems and disease like cancer can develop.
"There are a lot of researchers now carrying out experiments on the activity of electricity and magnetism in human beings," according to Dr Gerard Hyland, biophysicist, formerly at Warwick University, Coventry.  BBC News 27/01/2001 (6)

Dr. David Carpenter, Dean at the School of Public Health, State University of New York believes it is likely that up to 30% of all childhood cancers come from exposure to E-Smog. (7) The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) warns, "There is reason for concern" and advises “prudent avoidance". (8a) In June, 2001, an expert scientific working group of the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), a World Health Organization agency, concluded that EMF fields Heating of brain while using a mobile phone (Electromagnetic fields) are possibly carcinogenic to humans… (8a) In February 2001 The European Parliament published a Briefing note 05/2001EN; The opening statement said in part, “authorities should focus on protecting citizens from the risk of damage caused by EMF exposure.”



 Home Wiring

If your home has high EMF readings, it is important to determine the sources, so that remedial action can be taken if possible. Such causes may be equipment, unseen wiring in the walls and even sources behind an adjoining wall.


EMFs radiate from all sides of the computer.

We must be concerned with sitting in front of the monitor or near a computer or if a computer is operating the other side of a wall.


 Electric Blankets and Waterbeds

Electric blankets create magnetic fields that penetrate about 6-7 inches into the body. (9a) (10) Thus it is not surprising that an epidemiological study has linked electric blankets with miscarriages and childhood leukaemia. This pioneering work was performed by Dr. Nancy Wertheimer and Ed Leeper, who originally discovered that magnetic fields were linked to childhood leukaemia. (11) Similar health effects have been observed with users of electric blankets and waterbed heaters, even when turned off. The devices must be unplugged to delete the EMF exposure. Latest research indicates that metal sprung mattresses when subjected to alternating magnetic fields become magnetised and may retain such magnetism for decades. (9b)


 Electric Clocks (Mains powered)


Electric clocks have a very high magnetic field, as much as 5 to 10 mG at up to three feet. If you are using a bedside clock, you are probably sleeping in an EMF equivalent to that of a power line. Studies have linked high rates of brain tumours with chronic exposure to magnetic fields, so it is wise to place all clocks and other electrical devices (such as telephones and answering devices) at least 6 feet from your bed. (12)


 Cordless Telephones

DECT phones can emit surprisingly strong EMFs, especially from the handset. Answering machines, particularly those with adapter plugs (mini-transformers), give off high levels of EMFs. (13) A DECT baby monitor gives a greater exposure to pulsed microwave radiation than living near to a mobile phone base station. The German Federal Agency for Radiation Protection in January 2006 issued a formal warning against these devices. (8b)

 In the early 1990’s a medical physicist from the University of Luebeck had infants brought to him who were perfectly healthy, but their heart beat started to fluctuate wildly for no obvious reasons. As soon as the DECT cordless phone was removed from the bedroom or neighbouring apartment, the infant’s heart beat went back to normal (one of several anecdotal accounts).

Of course to treat against the symptoms caused by E-Smog without determining the cause and taking action would be of no benefit and could even stress the body further. An experience from a practitioner in Germany well illustrates. A young boy was brought to her clinic after his parents had taken him to the doctor complaining of headaches. The doctor had given him a clean bill of health but the headaches continued. The practitioner used a Rayocomp device and found the following regulating frequencies were blocked. 22.5, 40, 77.5, 78.5, 89.5 and 99.5. These frequencies are always blocked in a case of heavy E-Smog. The parents could not explain why this should be so, as there were no unusual devices in the room or outside factors that could have this effect. Upon checking the house and bedroom and drawing a blank, the boy volunteered information that when he went to bed he placed a small mains powered tape player under his pillow, which he said made his head warm and felt comfortable! He removed the device every morning so his mother did not link the device to the problem. (13) Treatment without removing the cause would have been useless. It’s clear that the first step need not be a treatment but could merely be an avoidance of harmful influences.

This is a prime example of the principle that 80% of illness can be resolved by addressing the 3 areas of E-Smog, Geopathic stress and pH. Most complementary practitioners are convinced that disease does not result from a deficiency of synthetic chemicals. The most important role of the natural health practitioner is that of a detective searching out underlying root causes of disease.

There are several reasons why the bedroom is the most important room for health, especially in regard to E-Smog. While in bed we spend many hours stationary, if we are within an electrical or magnetic field this is a huge problem. Exacerbating the problem is that while sleeping the brain is naturally more susceptible to both treatment and harmful influences because it is now operating with Delta and Theta waves (sleeping and dreaming activity). While in these lower frequencies the body’s natural defences against outside influences are lowered. (14) Remember the ‘biological window’ necessary for regulation. This works both for good or bad influences. (15)

Geopathic Stress

 Geopathic stress is best described as disturbances in natural Earth energies, these can cause harm. The Earth radiates natural energy in the form of a weak magnetic field. Natural Earth energies can be distorted when they pass through underground earth breaks (shiftings), underground water courses or the global grid. Ernst Hartman first identified these lines in 1950 thereafter known as the Hartman Grid. They are generally accepted to run in parallel lines north to south around the earth at an approximate distance of 2.5 metres and east/west 2 metres apart. (9) The resulting energies are harmful to most living things but interestingly cats and bees seek out areas of Geopathic stress that are harmful to humans. (12)

According to the Journal Complementary Therapies in Nursing and Midwifery; Geopathic stress can affect animals and plant life as well as human beings and significantly contributes to sick building syndrome. (Vol. 9, Issue 4 Nov 2003, pp 191-197)

Dr Hans Nieper a renowned Oncologist stated in his book, Revolution in Technology Medicine and Society; "According to studies I have initiated, at least 92% of all the cancer patients I have examined have remained for long periods of time - especially in respect of their sleeping place - in geopathically stressed zones."

Investigation into Geopathic stress has a long history but in recent times many have tried to determine its existence using scientific means. In the 1960’s Jacob Stangl developed a Scintillation counter (a device used to detect and measure radiation using flashes of light generated by Gamma rays striking a crystal sensor). He used this device to replicate a famous study carried out by Gustav von Pohl in 1929. Stangl located three areas of Geopathic stress that corresponded with von Pohl’s earlier work. (16)

The links between Geopathic stress and degenerative disease are anecdotally documented by therapists working in this field, so we will not specifically consider them here. (A good reference website in this regard is ) However, it is fascinating to see the results when using the Rayocomp PS1000 polar to check a person affected by Geopathic stress. This reveals disturbances in the frequencies of many body mechanisms including a large number in the range 22.00 to 25.75. The regulation frequencies of the cellular system lie precisely in this range and are consequently burdened by Geopathic stress. (9b) If a person sleeps for an extended time over such an area it is logical that degenerative/inflammatory disease can ensue.

The Rayocomp devices can be used to check both the body and an area such as the bedroom for evidence of Geopathic stress. What then? The best possible action is to reposition the bed in a safe area. If this is not possible then a suppression device such as the Duplex III can be positioned. This is frequently the best solution as even if the bed is optimally positioned; other parts of the house may still be a source of stress. The Duplex device produces a biological field, which allows a regulation of the organism in spite of existing Geopathic disturbance.

The PS1000 Polar can be used in a wide variety of additional ways. The main usage is allergy testing, not surprising considering the potent chemical additives used in our food, body care products, household cleaning products and so on! An ‘Acupuncture module’ is integrated into the device with the 14 main meridians being displayed as testing and treatment progresses. This module makes acupuncture possible without needles or electrical treatment. There are 54 main integrated treatment programs with many others available. The most important program is ‘Pre Control’ no. 51, which harmonises the main regulatory frequencies of the brain and major organs. Other programs are Cerebellum, Nervous system, Arteries, Veins, Cell structure, Hair, Skin, Immunologic system, Depression, Teeth and others grouped as Sense organs, Organs, Skeleton and Musculature. New programs are being developed constantly, individual frequencies discovered and these are made freely available to Rayocomp users.

The PS1000 Polar is a multi functional device with a modular construction that allows the continual upgrading of the device without having to purchase new and separate machines.

The Sauerland Pyramids

It is refreshing to see a Company that really practice what they teach. The Rayonex headquarters - the new Sauerland Pyramids, are a fine example of health and the environment being given priority in a practical, beautiful building. Many of these features were optimised by Bio resonance such as positioning the building to negate Geopathic stress. Biological field configuring devices are in use inside likewise. A rainwater collection and recycling system is installed. Heating comes from the Earth with a geothermal installation. Of course we live in a modern world and it is not practical to avoid the use of electrical devices, PCs etc. Nevertheless the electrical installation makes use of shielded cables and low voltage lighting with automatic switching further reducing unwanted EMFs.

In addition to providing office and manufacturing space the complex houses an Event Pyramid for lectures, training sessions and workshops. A Therapy Pyramid is planned.

Both buildings and setting are inspiring, this truly is a place for Bio resonance to grow and develop. Health Leads have checked out many Bio resonance systems and found Rayonex to be the most impressive to date. We are honoured to be associated with the Rayonex venture.

Author John Doyle.

John Doyle is a director of Health Leads UK Ltd. the UK distributor for Rayonex GmbH

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