Carol Boroughs

Carol Boroughs describes her life’s journey as an “adventure in compassion.” 



In her early adult life Carol had a successful international career in human resource management and although she has used homeopathy for most of her adult life, it was not until the birth of her first child 13 years ago that she realised it as vocation. Carol graduated from the Centre for Homeopathic Education with a First Class honours degree in homeopathy and began building her thriving North London practice while still a student.

Carol comes from a long family line of healers. She believes homeopathy to be a healing methodology for mind, body and spirit but finds that in practice true consideration of spiritual aspects are rarely considered. 

Consequently Carol has sought out those teachers who encompass these aspects into their work and the development of her own practice has been particularly inspired by Colin Griffith, Ian Watson, Gordon Sambidge and Elizabeth Adalian who have all personally encouraged Carol to teach.

Helping others to develop their full potential has always been a key aspect of Carol’s work so lecturing within homeopathy combines two passions. She now teaches and examines at CHE as well as giving post-graduate talks and workshops.  Carol is able to take highly complex subjects and present them in a clear, structured way. She instils great confidence in others to put into practice what they learn in her lectures and workshops. Even when teaching the most esoteric forms of prescribing, she adopts a highly practical and accessible approach, grounded in thorough research and illustrated with cases from her own practice.

Carol complements her homeopathic practice by working with people on a one-to-one or group basis to help them access their innate wisdom and find inner peace regardless of the outer circumstances of their lives.


 "Carol Boroughs is a rare individual within the field of homeopathy. She combines the quality of being a very grounded individual with an ability to understand and convey the larger dimensions of the subject.

Carol is an excellent teacher who delivers her subject matter from a place of compassion and depth. Her work on transgenerational healing shows huge insight into the behaviour patterns of family dynamics.  Observing the emotional links that run through the generations of a family can give the homeopath invaluable information about the patient’s case.

Every time I have heard Carol speak on homeopathy she makes the subject matter clear and accessible. She has a great understanding of reflective practice and the wider scope of patient management.  Combined with her broad knowledge of homeopathy this makes Carol an all round excellent practitioner."

Gordon Sambidge. Principal of Centre for Homeopathic Education