A one day seminar with Colin Griffith 

Friday 26 September 2008 10am – 5pm


About the speaker

Colin Griffith is a highly respected and effective practitioner with years of experience. His recent book, ‘The Companion to Homeopathy. The Practitioner's Guide,’ has become a “must to have” book for every homeopath. He is one of the founder members of The Guild of Homoeopaths and is involved in the medative provings of new remedies. He lectures regularly at the Centre for Homoeopathic Education, Regent’s College, London and has lectured in America, Canada, Japan and Greece. Colin Griffith is a regular speaker for Galahomeopathy.

About the seminar

This is an opportunity for practitioners to bring their difficult cases for full analysis involving the search for deep maintaining causes, hidden miasmatic influences and through applying the principles of the fluid energy of the body as it courses through the chakras. The purpose of each case study will be the search for strategies to deal with otherwise seemingly intractable pathology in patients whose bodies, minds and spirits are profoundly at odds. The intention is to provide an insight into the practice of "three dimensional prescribing" for those whose wholeness is threatened by lack of grounding and serious weaknesses in vital areas both of which prevent long term healing by means of indicated remedies.