An evening talk with Christine and John Doyle

Thursday 22nd November 2007  

“ Geobiology is the study of the influence of ‘earth energies’ on all forms of life. ”

About the speakers

John Doyle is the Managing Director of Health Leads UK Ltd has been working in the natural health industry for 11 years continuously looking for new and innovative products combined with a deep interest in individual health matters.  His wife Christine is a Clinical Nutritionist, Lymphologist and Iridologist.  They have both embraced Bio- Resonance as a natural progression from Dr Hulda Clark and her famous zapper. In 1996, John and Christine formed Health Leads UK Ltd to produce pure high strength supplements following the Hulda Clark protocol.  Five years ago John introduced the Rayonex Bio- Resonance System to Britain which now forms a significant part of his business.

About the talk

This evening talk will explain how the earth is threaded with energy lines or meridians of electromagnetic energy which have a powerful influence on livings things.  This invisible energy passes through all matter affecting every living system on the planet in either a negative or positive way.  Geobiologists work to ensure that areas where we live and work are clear of geopathic stress.  John and Christine will explain what effects these energies have on human health and what we can do to help prevent them.  They will explore the increasing scientific evidence that implicates geopathic stress on our physical and mental well being as well as our behaviour.  It may be behind certain conditions such as chronic fatigue, stress, disorientation, nausea and numbness to name a few.  More and more people are asking questions about geopathic stress – now you have the chance to discover some of the answers.
  • If humankind has affected radiation levels to our detriment.
  • How geopathic stress affects our living space, work place and re-creative areas.
  • Simple solutions that help to minimize geopathic stress.
  • How we are influenced by ground radiations, electromagnetic fields and materials.
  • The affects of solar activity and how it can affect us.
  • An explanation of ‘dirty electricity’ and how it could be the cause of health problems such as diabetes.