A one day seminar with Dr. Kyriakos Hajikakou  Bsc BDS LDS RCS(Eng) DIHom LFHom (Dent) Dip Clin Hypnosis PGCE


Saturday 28th April 2007  10am – 5pm


About the speaker

Dr Hajikakou runs a homeopathic amalgam free practice at Rye, East Sussex

About the seminar

Dr Hajikakou will look at the effects of dental materials on the health of the individual. There are many in use to restore broken teeth. The main criteria considered by the dental materials experts have been their physical characteristics, e.g. coefficients of expansion and contraction, compressive and shear strengths. Little, if any, thought has been given to the biological effects of these materials. In particular it now appears that metals used to restore teeth can have profound effects on the physical, mental and spiritual health of patients. Present day non-metal or white filling materials, i.e. composites and porcelains appear, at present, to be safer alternatives. The main emphasis of this seminar will be on amalgam but some discussion will also be given to the metals used in crowns (caps).

What you will learn

  • Substances used in dentistry
  • Facts about amalgam
  • Symptoms of mercury toxicity
  • Protocol for safe removal of amalgam fillings 


Article by Dr Hajikakou  The metal in your mouth