A one-day seminar with Colin Griffith 

Friday  23rd June  2006  


About the speaker

Colin Griffith is a highly respected practitioner and a founder member of the Guild of Homoeopaths. He also  is a fascinating and knowledgeable speaker and lectures regularly in UK and abroad.  Colin's recently published book The Companion to Homoeopathy has been a great success - it is a fantastic reference point for every homeopath.


About the seminar

As homeopaths we know that toxic overload in the 21st century can lead to many serious health problems. It is important to have a special strategy in our practices on how to deal with different kind of toxicity in our patients, as many of the environmental toxins can easily antidote homoeopathic remedies and prevent constitutional treatment.  Following are some of most common environmental hazards, (extracts from Colin Griffith's book):

  • Electromagnetic and nuclear radiation: “No remedy will work if there is a radiation problem... and there are no 'acceptable safe levels' of radiation.”

  • Geopathic stress: “Living in areas of geopathic stress can speed up the process of ailing and the most usual pathological result [of the geopathic stress] is fatigue”. “Underground water, streams and wells magnify the negative effects as do the presence of overhead power cables, radio masts and electricity stations”  

  • Noxious substances:  “Though there is much public medical debate about the origin of chronic fatigue syndrome, chemical toxicity should be strongly suspected as a potential cause...” 

Colin will offer a practical understanding and some tools to address and manage environmental pollution and show how homeopathic remedies can support  your  patients  during conventional radiation treatments such as scans, radiation therapy, barium tests.  He will give an overview of old and new remedies particularly around radiation.