A one-day seminar with Ellen Kramer

Saturday 1st April 2006


About the speaker

Ellen is Director of The College of Practical Homeopathy and has busy practices in Islington and Finchley. Her extensive clinical experience has enabled her to develop her own methods of treating endocrine disorders through her understanding of the inter-relatedness of the mind and nervous system.  This is the first time Ellen has devoted a whole seminar to the treatment of endocrine disorders, and she will offer her insight into these key related areas.  Ellen’s passionate interest and excellent teaching style means that attendees will be equipped with an understanding and approach that they can immediately apply in their own practice.

About the seminar

  • Endocrine disorders: including hypo & hyper thyroid, diabetes and adrenal dysfunction 
  • The impact of stress and trauma on this delicate system
  • The devastating effects wrought by long-term use of synthetic hormones 
  • An insight into the use of cortisone and oestrogen as remedies
  • Strategies for dealing with hormonal imbalances including use of sarcodes 
  • Related herbal tinctures and dietary recommendations