A one-day workshop with  Marion and Peter Joyce

Saturday 16th September 2006


About the speakers

Marion and Peter Joyce work from their purpose built homoeopathic clinic in Chelmsford, Essex. For ten years they have used Iridology as an integral part of their practice recording their patient’s eyes photographically and examining them microscopically for diagnostic and evaluative purposes. 

About the workshop

Iridology is of great use as a diagnostic tool enabling all sorts of physical, mental and emotional information to be gained non-invasively.  Various methodologies can be employed ranging from detailed study of the pupil border microscopically to simple analysis with a torch and suitable magnifying glass.  The latter method can be easily taught within a day to enable detailed information to be obtained and recorded by mapping the irides.  The Rayid system deals with the emotions and personalities of patients and is quite fascinating.
As a brief outline of the data stored in the iris of eye the following list is only a sample:
  • Family medical history differentiated between father and mother’s sides
  • General constitutional strength at a glance, differentiated as above
  • Inheritance of strengths and weakness differentiated by parent
  • Specific organ strengths, weakness, and degenerative states
  • Predictive analysis of future health trends, e.g. arthritis, IBS, diabetes
  • Mental and physical states derived from eye markings e.g. depression, CFS
  • Aetiologies of traumas suffered in the past, accurate to a couple of years
  • Identification of traumas in childhood