A one-day seminar with  Hilery Dorrian

Sunday  6th November  2005


About the speaker

Hilery Dorrien is a leading homoeopathic practitioner and acupuncturist, an authority on Chinese Medicine and founder of Barefoot Botanicals.  Through her clinical experience, Hilery has developed her own methods of treating skin problems.  This is the first time Hilery has devoted a whole seminar to the treatment of skin conditions, and it promises to be a fascinating illumination of the healing process.  Hilery’s approach is eminently practical, and attendees will immediately be able to apply her tried and tested strategies to their own patients. 

About the seminar

  • Skin conditions, including eczema, acne and psoriasis
  • A bigger picture to well-known skin remedies
  • Insight into the use of small and new remedies
  • Strategies for dealing with skin problems
  • Management of difficult cases
  • Related herbal tinctures to support homeopathic remedies