A one day seminar with Colin Griffith

Friday 17th June  2005


About the speaker

Colin Griffith is a highly respected and effective practitioner. 
Instead of writing a thesis he set up a supervised drop-in clinic, which continued for eleven years and he has always worked in a multi disciplinary clinic with cranial oesteopaths. 
He is a founder member of the Guild of Homoeopaths, he also lectures regularly at the Centre for Homeopathic Education, and also abroad.
This talk will be a very practical demonstration of the importance of the spine in the hierarchy of the body, and how it can be a maintaing cause.  Attendees will gain a great deal of knowledge and understanding and practical application for their practice. 

About the seminar

Use of the old and new homeopathic remedies in relation to the spine and coccyx and the relation of the spinal column to the diaphragms of the body
Do you know that the great psoas muscles that cross the abdomen are attached into the groin below and up into the diaphragm above, and in knowing this can understand how leg injuries can disturb digestion?
Do you know that a blocked ethmoid sinus (the bridge above the nose) can cause pituitary malfunction and therefore hormone insufficiency, so when you see someone with chronic sinus problems they might well begin to present a picture of, say underactive thyroid; this becomes of primary importance when one knows that ethmoid congestion can be the result of a fall on the coccyx!