An evening talk with Ann Callaghan, Founder of Indigo Essences

Monday 19th June 2006

This is a rare opportunity to hear Ann speak in detail about these gem and crystal essences, and to answer any questions, as Ann practices on the east coast of Ireland.
Since 1999 Ann has been making these essences for patients, which work similarly to Bach Flower Remedies.  She soon realized that the Indigo essences were particularly effective in supporting patients with all sorts of behavioural problems, including ADD and ADHD.  
Ann has seen how Indigo essences help children – and adults too – stay in balance, deal with negative emotions and overcome fears. She has developed the essences into a rescue kit for today’s children - combination essences that help children to cope with bullying, lack of confidence, loneliness and worries.
Not only are they completely safe and easy to use, they help families to stay sane too.