An evening talk with Myriam Shivadikar

Thursday 6th November 2008


About the speaker 

Myriam studied Classical Homeopathy at COH and now teaches at main homeopathic colleges both in the UK and abroad.  She has a very busy practice in Finchley where she successfully using a combination of therapies, diet and nutrition.  Myriam started to use Narayani Remedies in 1999 and finds them to be ‘sophisticated and yet elegant in their simplicity.’ There have been many occasions whereby patients could not see Myriam immediately due to a waiting list and she has sent them Narayani remedies to get some relief – when Myriam get to see them, she is always impressed by their improvement. Myriam believes that Narayani remedies are a valuable resource for her busy practice
About the seminar
The Narayani remedies  were developed by Swami Narayani and Swami Ananda  in order to meet the demands of treating 100 patients a day! Using their extensive clinical experience, they realised that certain remedies combined together well in the treatment of different conditions.  These combinations are named after the conditions that they treat, and consist of - Organ Support remedies, Sarcodes, Bach Flower remedies and Tissue Salts. 
In a busy modern practice, we need quick and effective resources and Narayani remedies are certainly one of them. They have been proven to bring about rapid and effective relief while the practitioner unravels the case. It is easy to see that such an addition to ones practice will help to foster trust in your work with the patient, thus encouraging them to stay with you till the cure is reached. The remedies work extreemely well and anyone who uses them quickly recognises their unique clinicl value.

What you will learn

  • A comprehensive introduction to the Narayani remedy formulas.
  • How to use these remedies via Traditional Chinese Medicine and it's Five Element theory – treating the cause and effect of a disease simultaneously.  This helps with prediction and prevention of diseases.
  • How to use Naranyani remedies as a multi-layered approach to treatment. Narayani Remedies can be used as a background physical remedy, so that we can give separately an emotional (Kentian) remedy.
  • Learning The Narayani Treatment programme so that combinations can be used to treat certain pathology.


Excerpts from the powerpoint presentation

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