• The closest car parking is the NCP Maltings Multi Storey Car Park. Charges:  Over 6 hours £10.00  Accessed either from: Marlborough Road itself, and you have to come by London Road and left into it; OR Victoria Road, as you go into centre of St Albans, go past Marlborough Road and then on up hill, it is just before the pelican crossing. You go to Ground level and into the Maltings shopping mall where there are several pay machines by the lifts Please note that this car park is closed at 8.30pm.
  • The Drovers Way Car Park is cheaper ( Up to 5 hours £2.70 and up to 24 hours £7.00) and free after 6.30 pm. It open 24 hours, it will takes 5 minutes to walk to Marlborough Road map
  • The nearest place to park for free is on Brampton Road. To get there go along Clarence Road and first crossroads is Brampton Road. It will then be a 10-15 min walk to the church, quicker if you cut across Clarence Park, going past children’s playground and up ramp coming out nearly opposite Station Way.