Seminar  teaching titles

Myriam Shivadikar 


Bowel Nosodes I - Introduction to the Bowel Nosodes, history & application. Materia Medica of nosodes with case examples. Nosodes & Elements, related organs to the nosodes. Constitutional types & Homeopathic related remedies.

Bowel Nosodes II - The Bigger Picture: Gaertner & gut immunity, worms, parasites, probiotics, the zapper. TCM view of nosodes.

Cancer 7 Step Program I : Introduction, medical view of Cancer & treatments. Wholistic view, biology of perception. Alkalising, other therapies.

Cancer 7 Step Program II: The Conflict//Shock Theory of Cancer, brain scan evidence, embryology, the Old Brain & various conflicts & which cancers they cause + remedies

Cancer 7 step Program III: Midbrain & ectoderm, various conflicts & cancers + remedies. Breast cancer repertory. The role of Bowel nosodes. The different Kingdoms of remedies & related conflicts.

Female Cycles & Segments : Intro to the female cycle & the role of hormones. Oestrogen & progesterone. Different stages of a Woman’s life. Female Repertory. Materia medica of female remedies. Womens constitutional types. The menopause. Nutrition & herbal remedies.

Narayani Seminar: History of the development of Narayani remedies. Various groups of remedies. Prescribing methodologies. Miasms and related Narayani

remedies. Case examples. Streptococcus & Staphylococcus bacteria.. Immune system & cancer.

Medical Astrology: Introduction to Astrology & ancient cultures. Simplified Medical astrology & its application in practice. Days of the week, planets, body systems, diseases & remedies. Hour & sub-hour of birth & its effect on health. How to use the chart. The timing of diseases, how to predict & prevent them.

Tarot & Homeopathy: History of Tarot cards. The need for divination. Different spreads & decks. The 22 Major Arcana, symbolism & homeopathic remedies. The 56 Minar Arcana , symbolism & homeopathic remedies.

• The Periodic Table: Introduction to the Mineral Kingdom & the Elements of Homeopathy. Introduction to the periodic table. The various series & associated strengths & weaknesses. Miasms & Constitutional types with remedies. The various Stages of Life. How to treat patients that are ‘stuck’.

TCM I : Introduction to Chinese Medicine & its relevance to Homeopathy. Philosophy, Yin & Yang, the Meridians as Chinese A & P. The 12 Ordinary Meridians & pathology. The 5 Elements, emotions, climate, diet & homeopathic remedies.

TCM II – Diagnostics: The 5 Elements, associated organs & miasms. The various cycles of the 5 elements. Clinical application with case examples. Acute & chronic diseases, how to treat them. The sequence of treatment.

Soon to be released : Chakra Seminar, Slimming Seminar