Transgenerational Healing through Homeopathy

An evening talk with Carol Boroughs

Thursday 15th of November 2012



"Carol is an excellent teacher who delivers her subject matter from a place of compassion and depth. Her work on transgenerational healing shows huge insight into the behaviour patterns of family dynamics.  Observing the emotional links that run through the generations of a family can give the homeopath invaluable information about the patient’s case." 


Gordon Sambidge. Principal of Centre for Homeopathic Education.

Do you ever get cases that progress well to a degree but you don’t feel like you have got to the crux of the case? Cases where the remedies have done something positive but not as much as you know they can? Or cases where something seems to be blocking deeper healing but you have exhausted every miasm and aetiology? Just plain stuck cases? What if the baggage they carry isn’t their own?

In this talk on Transgenerational Healing, Carol Boroughs will present a new perspective on looking at such cases. She will explore how the experiences and events of our ancestor's lives can affect our mental, emotional and physical health in the present and reveal how homeopathy can be used to unlock these unseen forces to bring about profound healing.

It was through her own challenging cases that Carol came to discover the effects that unresolved traumas and conflicts from previous generations can have for our patients.  By presenting illustrative cases she will show how homeopathic remedies can be used to heal across the generations. She will also share the research she has done in this area across other disciplines and healing traditions such as psychotherapy and Native American medicine as well as recent developments in genetic research .

Although Carol uses a wide range of remedies when prescribing for these cases she finds the new meditative remedies are frequently indicated and she will cover the ones she finds most useful.

This aspect of Carol’s work has also been a personal journey, informed by her own ancestral issues so her teaching is very heart-centred as well as being specific and practical. Her aim is to inspire other homeopaths to explore the potential for transgenerational healing within their own practices and give them the tools and the confidence to do so.

Carol says: “It is no coincidence that every week on TV we see a different celebrity tracing their family tree and websites helping people trace their ancestors are big business. People have become very interested in discovering their heritage. I believe that we are being presented with an opportunity to heal not only our own issues but those of our ancestors. Homeopathy is a healing modality of our time that has the potential to heal across the generations and to lighten the load of our children.”

FULL PRICE: £30 (£25 for students). Price includes refreshments and  full handouts.

EARLY BIRDS DISCOUNT: £25 (£20 for students)  till 10th of November.  

Venue: Marlborough Road Methodist Church,  Marlborough Road, St Albans, AL1 3XQ UK  

Directions to Marlborough Road Methodist Church and Parking