An evening talk with Dr Viera Scheibner  


Thursday 22nd March 2007  7.15 - 10.00 pm


Dr Viera Scheibner is a retired Principal Research Scientist (Rtd) with a doctorate in Natural Sciences. After an eminent scientific career in which she published 3 books and some 90 scientific papers in refereed scientific journals in Australia and overseas, her study of baby’s breathing patterns and cot death in the mid 1980s clearly pointed to vaccines as being behind the majority of cot deaths. This introduced her to the subject of vaccination, which she has, as a result, been avidly studying ever since.
Her research into vaccination has culminated so far in two books, and frequent international lecture tours in which she is invited to address groups of medical and legal professionals as well as the general public. She is also accepted as expert witness in court cases relating to death and injuries caused by vaccines, such as so-called "shaken baby" syndrome injuries, which like many vaccine injuries can be fatal.

About the talk

In recent years there has been an overwhelming push for vaccination, which is repeatedly highlighted in the media. We are expected to assume that the vaccines are safe and effective, even though the evidence we see around us shows that this is not so. Most people know of vaccination children still getting a disease they were supposed to be protected against, sometimes severely and/or more than once, and all around us there are people with disabilities which the parents have often seen was caused by a vaccination.
Unvaccinated children, in comparison, have robust health, rarely getting these diseases (as the diseases had virtually disappeared by the time vaccines were introduced), and when they do, they fly through them. Also, disabilities of any kind, and other health problems such as asthma and childhood cancer are virtually unheard of amongst them.
This talk will address the question of what risks you are taking if you do trust the "authorities" with the lives of your children and allow them to be vaccinated. It will also address the question of whether you are indeed risking anything by not allowing them to be vaccinated. In other words, do vaccines really assist the immune system, or do they derail the immune system, not only increasing susceptibility to the disease itself, but also to other infections? What evidence is there that they are causing asthma, glue ear, allergies, autoimmune diseases and serious adverse effects such as paralysis and death?
Dr Scheibner displays in her talks great energy, an endearing personality and an obvious sense of humour (which is necessary to counter the pain of researching and writing on a subject like this). However the most important feature of her talks is that they consist almost entirely of referrals to pages of actual orthodox medical journal articles (as well as her own researched infant breathing pattern data) that are copied and projected onto a screen, from which she reads blatant revelations of the truth.
  • the link between cot-death and vaccination - highlighting the stress on the breathing of babies when receiving the early jabs
  • background of vaccination - it's introduction on a large scale, in particular, looking at the USA and UK
  • individual vaccines, concerns regarding the effectiveness and safety
  • the benefits of childhood diseases and fevers