quotes from recent articles by Elizabeth Adalia

By: Galina Boggis-Rolfe Thursday, August 18, 2011 5:01:21 PM

Quotes from recent articles by Elizabeth Adalian in the ARH magazine Homeopathy in Practice

From 'Addressing the Ancestral Legacy of Trauma'

'An eight year-old boy I treated developed a sudden unexplained school phobia. Despite well-indicated remedies,nothing shifted till the father presented for treatment. His story was that at the very age of his traumatised son, he had been expelled from his country of origin. This had never been expressed in the family but the child mirrored the trauma at the very same age in this way. Once the father was treated,the child overcame his phobia without the need for any further remedies. I have been working with the idea of treating the whole family for many years, but the book - Decoding the Psychic Roots of Illness-Freedom from the Ancestral Origins of Disease by P. Obissier - confirmed for me the reason why this approach is so valuable. The author speaks of 'occulted emotion' and this expression really struck a chord. Nowadays, in the field of fertility,experts are realising more and more that blocks are more than just nutritional or structural. They are even speaking of messages passed down through the generations regarding sexuality and childbirth. This means that by promoting discussion within the family of previous ancestral traumas, the child can integrate them without acting them out in destructive ways. This then does not become an impediment to their own intimate attitude to procreation. The rubrics 'ailments from deceived friendship' and 'deception causes grief' apply here. How many children discover by chance that they are adopted or they have been wrongly informed regarding their biological father? This is the picture of the Magnesium remedies,which perpetuate the orphan theme in their reaction to the world.
...The ancestral traumas are like a drip feed penetrating the psyche. It is not just the influence of role models which makes us often repeat our parents' patterns, but the unconscious transfer of cellular memory. After all, Carl Jung speaks of everything that has not been revealed expressing itself in the line of fate'.

From 'Cairo 'calls' for homeopathy'

 'There is a trend to opt for Caesarian births in Egypt and it is becoming increasingly the norm. This means that children are born without the significant benefit of having to fight their way through the birth canal. As these children grow up, they may tend to expect instant gratification due to this. In extremes, with other contributory factors, pervasive developmental disorder can develop with this background. Saccharum Officianalis gives boundaries to children, who - prior- challenged any normal containment placed on them. I had the opportunity to be interviewed on Arabic television while in Cairo - explaining the concepts of homeopathy. 'Inshallah', I shall return there to continue the work started. This time, I shall bring some antidotes to the radiation emitted by all those satellite dishes. However, for now, they serve a purpose in spreading the valuable message of homeopathy through the Middle East!'